Ari Stassinopoulos

Ever since fifth grade, making apps has been my passion. Engineering of any kind, especially software engineering, is a way to have fun while making a good living. To pursue engineering, the most natural path for me to follow would be to take the Computer Science pathway in the Dublin Engineering and Design Academy and go on to study Software Engineering in college and to eventually find a job in one of those two fields.

I started my journey with basic web development. I built a number of basic web pages and went through a phase where I made websites out of XSLT rules and XML. Over time, I explored several different features of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. As I wanted to expand my skills, I built an experimental blog system in PHP and MySQL. As my knowledge expanded, I built a series of informational websites using open web APIs.

More recently, I have been able to expand my skills. When I began attending Dublin High School, I joined the Dublin Cross Country and Distance Track teams. These stimulated the creation of the Dublin Distance App to manage some of the exercises we do after we run our practice. At the same time, I also started as a Layout officer at The Dublin Shield. After two years of being an officer, I was promoted to Layout Editor in May 2018. I also learned basic use of the Swift programming language and iOS app development. I applied my knowledge by creating The DHS Bell Schedule App, which was my entry into mobile app development. I even made a little money off it.

While I have learned some technology and life skills, I know that I still have much more to learn. Thank you for taking the time to read about me, and please use the navigation at the top to explore what I am about.